About Us

Whanaungatanga. Mōhiotanga. Kōkirikiri. 

Rainbow Law aims to create community and spearhead change for Rainbow people.

Tena kōtou, nau mai, haere mai. 


Rainbow Law is a rapidly growing Faculty of Law, University of Auckland club that formally kicked off in 2019. We aim to create a community of queer and genderqueer law students and lawyers who are actively community-building and catalysing a shift in the culture of law school and the wider legal field. 


Our values

The three core values of Rainbow Law closely align with our three core activities - community-building (whanaungatanga), education and consciousness raising (mōhiotanga) and advocating for policy and legal change (kōkirikiri). 



Whanaungatanga encompasses feelings of connection and belonging. In particular it references relationships built through shared experiences and working together that provides people with a sense of belonging. Though queer people come from all backgrounds and experiences, Rainbow Law is a place where they can come together and share their stories and build a sense of connection with others who have the same values as them. Doing mahi to combat heterosexism ties us together. 



Mōhiotanga encompasses understanding and insight. In order for us to live in a truly equitable society we must all possess the ability to understand and deconstruct difference, including the broad variation of human sexuality and gender. 



Kōkirikiri means to challenge, or to lobby. We aim to constantly challenge heterosexist and cissexist norms and discourses through our activities and speech. This manifests both through lobbying to change formal laws and policies as well as speaking up to make social change. 


The admin team works with the Co-Presidents to provide support to the three other teams in Rainbow Law. It consists of the Treasurer, Secretary and Media Officer. It manages Rainbow Law’s finances, membership list, records and marketing. 


The main focus of the community team is to build a strong network of queer and genderqueer people at law school and in the law field. They do this through running a mentoring programme, highschool outreach and a variety of social and academic events throughout the year. 


The main focus of the education team is to create and deliver resources that inform people about queer and genderqueer theory, and to counter heterosexist discourses. They do this through running workshops at law school, producing a zine every semester and producing a variety of content for our website and social media. 


The main focus of the advocacy team is to create change in formal instruments ranging from national laws to law school policies. They use a variety of strategies to achieve this. At the moment the advocacy team has a focus on banning conversion therapy, supporting rainbow refugee and asylum seekers and getting more gender-neutral bathrooms at the University of Auckland. 

See our facebook for upcoming events 

Meet The Team

Sophie Shrimpton


Kia ora, I’m Sophie and I’m the Co-President of Rainbow Law. My pronouns are they/them or she/her. My job at Rainbow Law is to keep on top of all the mad things that our executive are doing and try and offer tidbits of wisdom and sass to keep the team moving. I came into this role to help create a community at law school that queer and genderqueer students can use as a place of belonging and growth and to move the dial on heterosexism in law school and beyond. 2019 was a huge year of growth for us, and I can’t wait to see how far the team will push things in 2020.

Tama Abraham


Kia Orana tatou katoatoa. My name is Tama and I am Co-President of Rainbow Law. My pronouns are He/Him. I am in charge of making sure all the ideas our group tries to achieve are executed in a seamless and detailed manner while adding my love (criticism) into the mix. I entered this association as president to acknowledge that the struggles for indigenous people in the Rainbow community need to be addressed separately to the main cause. As such my ambitions for this group centre on creating a ‘true’ inclusive community for all LGBTQIA+. After and incredible 2019, 2020 looks to be an amazing year for RL and I can’t wait to see what our amazing team pulls off. As long as they stick in the budget. Tangi Kē, Tangi Kē Meitaki Maata Kia Orana

Nika Januszkiewicz

media officer

I'm Nika - she/her or they/them! I'm the media officer for Rainbow Law. My job involves graphic design, social media, and assisting on all our projects. In my spare time I play music and my LLB is conjoint with a BA majoring in Media Studies. I am so passionate about everything Rainbow Law is working on over the upcoming year and can't wait for our members to see our projects come to life.

Amber Kim

community co-leader

Hey! I'm Amber (she/her), your community co-leader for 2020. I'm studying law + health sci and passionate about diversity and inclusion. For 2020, I hope to create a safe and welcoming environment at law school through Rainbow law.

Bayley Kalach

community co-leader

Hi, I’m Bayley (he/him). If you were to intentionally pour hot soup on me, I’d probably apologise to you! My job as Community Co-leader is to establish and maintain connections between Rainbow Law and the wider Rainbow Community. I study law and arts with a passion for social justice and hope to one day work in criminal defense. I joined Rainbow Law out of a desire to connect with the wider LGBTQIA+ community. Since then I have learned much about the Queer experience in Aotearoa New Zealand and enjoyed myself thus far. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, kayaking and catching the latest Netflix drama. I can’t wait for us to dive into 2020!

Lavi Abitbol

education co-leader

Hey, my name is Lavi (He, him) and I am going into my third year of uni studying Law, Psych and Politics. My role in the Rainbow Law Executive is to be in charge of creating, facilitating and running educational workshops about fundamental queer and gender queer concepts that are important for everyone to understand. These workshops will be run for University of Auckland Law students.

Theo Hsu

advocay co-leader

Hi, I'm Theo and I go by he or they pronouns. I'm interested in the intersection of Rainbow and migrant/ethnicity minorities, and I hope to make the university a more trans inclusive place. I'm currently working with Rainbow Path on the intersectional issues faced by Rainbow refugees and asylum seekers.

Jess Dellabarca

advocacy co-leader

Kia Ora I’m Jess! She/her pronouns sit really well with me at the moment. I’m in my sixth year of law school (I know) and am just about to finish my arts conjoint majoring in history and politics. I’m really looking forward to being part of the advocacy team this year. I’ll be focusing on issues that impact us here at law school including (but not limited to!) gender neutral toilets, gender neutral language in our lectures and assignments as well as helping out with the wider community projects. If there’s something else going on at law school that’s making you feel unsafe as a queer/gender queer pal then please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.

Ogie Nweke

advocacy co-leader

My name is Ogonna and I'm a Scorpio from Nigeria. I spend the majority of my time studying as a law/Arts student at Auckland University. Outside of this, my other interests revolve around Beyoncé, community building and trying new recipes.. In 2020 Theo and I will be working on the intersection of rainbow issues and immigration issues.

Harshaa Prasad

advocacy co-leader

Kia ora, my name is Harshaa (she/her/they/them). I am a 2020 RL newbie, and am thrilled to be working with Rainbow in the refugee/rainbow intersection space this year! Learning about refugee law and rights has been one of the best parts of my BA/LLB. In my downtime, you can find my playing the harmonium or using anime to brush on any Japanese I've started to forget.

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